Our 3D phone cases are very tough and durable - it really is excellent value for money!.
The print is impregnated into the polymer, meaning that the design will never rub off, be highly resistant to scratching and dropping.

Unlike other methods of printing , your designs can wrap fully around the case, including the edges, making for a more aesthetically pleasing case.
Our phone cases are a tight precise fit, no play, no vibration but still flexible enough to remove from your phone if you deisre.
Our phone cases are a high gloss finish as standard, scratch resistant plastic, which can be polished with a mild abrasive should the need arise.
Process & Design
Simply design your phone case in our online designer, this will show you how your case will look when printed, including the edges, once your happy proceed to checkout and order your phone case.

Once ordered your case will enter into our automated system,which will generate a print ready file to be applied to your chosen model of case. We aim to dispatch all phone cases within a 2-3 working days from the date of order.

You can track the status of your phone case using the link sent to you in your order invoice via email.