MAKE My Sticker Designer User Guide

Here at Stick It 2 Me, we always endeavor to make our online systems as easy and intuitive to use as possible, to avoid confusion the below outlines the simple steps to create your sticker via our online sticker designer.

1. Upload your Sticker Artwork, by clicking the "Select Image" button , choosing a suitable image, followed by clicking the "Upload" button.

(See Quality & Sizing) for image size guidance

2. Once uploaded, select your cuttting style "Contour Cut","Square Cut" etc, this will change the Visualsation of your sticker presented

Click Here for information on Cutting Styles

3. Adjust the "Cut Path", shown in Red in the sticker visualisation, by pressing the buttons "Increase","Decrease" etc

Click Here for information on Cutting Styles

4. Enter the "Width" of your desired sticker in mm (Millimeters) and quantity (max 500), the default width is the raw size of your sticker artwork uploaded, to a max of 300mm wide.

(See Quality & Sizing) for image size guidance

5. Press the "Next button" once happy with the look and feel, to be presented with the costings.

6. Finally press the "Add To Basket" button, and optionaly proceed to payment.

The artwork uploaded is the linchpin in order to get the best quality out of the sticker designer. The larger the image and the better the quality, will result in smoother cut lines and a higher quality printed output.

The general rule of thumb is, if you're sticker looks pixellated/poor in the sticker designer, it will most likely look the same as a printed sticker. It is recommended that you upload an image that is physically greater in size that sticker you want to produce, by atleast 25%.

All our printers operate in CMYK, but either RGB or CMYK pallette images are accepted by the system.

You should allow for ~0.5mm inaccuracy from our systems, but it doesnt depend on the design of the sticker and the cutting path. We will always endeavor to give the best possible quality, and will get in contact with you, if we think we need to make changes or your sticker design for better output.